About Me

I'm a 18yr old asprising musician relitivly new to music with a love for digital art. I've been making loose songs and artworks here and there in my bedroom for only just over a year, heavily influenced by artists like Brian Transeau and Madeon.

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Alone is the first song that i made that i feel really encapsulates the feelings that i was having at the time of making it, it just has such a cold aura to it, like walking down a desolate street in the middle of a cold winter night.

The whole song was made within one cold afternoon, it was quite a strange experience working on such a small project coming right off the back of Oasis which took months to make but its nice to remember that not everything is meant to be a hude project, some songs just exist to capture someting small.


Oasis is my first big project, i wanted to force myself to push my limits and create a song that has it all, a strong memorable hook, punchy acoustic drums, a beautifully simple yet unique chord progresion, huge blow your face off super saws, lots of intricately placed foley samples and an unorthodox bridge section with smooth ethereal pads to boot.

The whole song took over 7 months to make with 90+ hours in the project file alone, i wanted everything in it to be just perfect from the mixing and mastering to the timing between samples to the chord voicing in each drop, after lots of hard work i can say with confidence that this was everything i could've possibly offered at the time of its making.

its weird to think that this crazy beast all stared because i played some pretty chords on my piano when i was bored one day.

Feel the sound

Feel the Sound is my first ever track, as in i had never once opened a DAW before and i had no music experience or knowledge whatsoever, i just thought to myself on night "yo i wonder how hard it is to make music" so i started watching some youtube tutorials and pretty soon i realised that i would proably be able to do all these things too.

The next morning i bagan working on a song first thing after after dawn, i was absolutley clueless but i enjoyed every second i spent making this song and with help form a couple of decent sample packs and a few more youtube tutorials i had this song finished by the end of the day.

Feel the Sound is nowhere near the standard of something i would release today but i still enjoy listening to it from time to time, it reminds me of how far I've come and that this whole jouney of mine stared because i randomly thought about what making music is like one night.